At the startup stage, a small volume of goods may fit into a neighboring room or garage. However, business expansion will inevitably lead to the need for a separate, specially equipped building. While renting a warehouse is an option initially, in the long term, such a solution may significantly impact your monthly budget.

Want to focus on scaling your business rather than calculating ceiling height and building maintenance costs? Then entrust the technological design of your warehouse to professionals.


We determine the dimensions of the facility based on data regarding the quantity, demand level, and storage conditions of the products. We calculate the costs for designing the warehouse, taking into account not only its throughput capacity and functional load but also the specifics of your business. We create storage and equipment movement diagrams based on the anticipated requirements.


We carefully plan the placement of receiving, storage, and shipping zones. We develop a detailed plan in accordance with warehouse design standards. We simulate the workflow to identify potential shortcomings and “blind spots.”


We coordinate the construction and equip the warehouse with all necessary equipment. We mark the adjacent territory and allocate points for vehicle access. We carry out warehouse reconfiguration in case of changes in functional requirements for the premises.