A modern shopping center is not just about shops and boutiques; it also includes relaxation areas, beauty salons, cinemas, children’s rooms, food courts with fast food and trendy restaurants. This means that it attracts several thousand visitors daily.

Therefore, the center’s premises should not only be visually appealing and functional but also comply with all building codes and fire safety requirements.

Our company is ready to design and construct a building of any complexity for you in the shortest possible time. Meanwhile, we will focus on the construction of the shopping and entertainment center, allowing you to concentrate on finding and establishing partnerships with future tenants.

How do we work?

Step 1. Geotechnical exploration

Before commencing construction, we conduct soil, terrain, and groundwater investigations. The optimal foundation type is determined based on the data obtained.

Step 2. Preparation phase

After project approval, we proceed with preparing the site for the construction of the shopping center. This involves clearing the area for construction, removing tree stumps, and procuring all necessary materials.

Step 3. Construction of the building

A frame made of quickly assembled metal structures ensures strength and durability, with the additional benefit of reducing costs by 30-50% compared to traditional construction.

Step 4. Installation of utilities and engineering systems

Insulation, fire safety systems, plumbing, electricity, ventilation, internet – we ensure that visitors feel comfortable, encouraging them to return.

Step 5. Interior and exterior finishing of the shopping center

At the final stage, we carry out finishing work and landscape the surrounding area. You receive a warranty for the operation of the shopping center and a ready-to-use facility for shop owners to move in.