Agreed, sometimes it is simpler and more cost-effective to restore a structure than to build a new one. The restoration of old buildings allows for the conservation of valuable resources—such as labor, time, and budget—and directs them towards business development.

Whether it’s reinforcing the foundation, adding an extra floor, replacing emergency floorings, or upgrading plumbing, whether restoring the facade or renewing the electrical supply, the choice of necessary tasks is yours, and comprehensive building reconstruction of any complexity is on us!

How can we help you?

  • Strengthen or completely replace load-bearing structures

We will breathe new life into walls, masonry, and floorings that are in an emergency or worn-out condition, in accordance with safety requirements.

  • Performing a room redesign

We will obtain all necessary permits and relocate load-bearing walls, as well as door and window openings, to another location according to your request.

  • Changing the purpose of premises

We will convert a restaurant into an office, a factory into a shopping center, and a warehouse space into a cozy loft.

  • Upgrade engineering networks and communications inside/outside the building

We will insulate the facade, install sewage and water supply, and implement a fire safety and surveillance system.

  • Increase the useful area of the premises

We will add additional square meters by utilizing existing basements, attics, and balconies